Custom Glassware

Hero’s Ancient Steam Turbine

A 1st C. Greek generally known by the name of Hero (some say it’s Heron), is widely credited with the invention of a simple turbine-like steam engine, about 2,000 years ago. From the language in the ancient scripts by which we know of this machine, it seems that the Greeks considered it a toy or amusement, at the time. Had they gotten the teething issues resolved, it is easy to imagine that history might be different.

The Western education system familiarizes most students with this early example of the scientific & mechanical accomplishments of the ancient Greek culture. Most people can see intuitively how & why it works.

In our model, the cork acts as a safety valve, and will pop out if too much pressure accumulates in the chamber. A stand is included, but you must supply your own heat source.

Wikipedia has a tidy wrap-up on the machine: