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inKlein Engineering, LLC

InKlein Engineering, LLC

InKlein Engineering, LLC designs and manufactures laboratory and process equipment. We ship and distribute world wide.

InKlein Engineering, LLC has been in existence since 2006.   We provide hands on experience in building the components you need.  

While exploring the site, keep in mind that all components are made to order, and that while we keep a stock of common components on hand, if you need something that doesn’t quite match the specs listed, we can fabricate it for you.

We also fabricate a line of “Engineering Marvels”- cool toys that, while of little practical use, are great educational tools, or neat gifts!  These include kaleidoscopes, Hero’s Ancient Steam Turbine, and Sterling Engines!  If you have a request, and specifications for something that would fall under this category, we would be happy to talk to you!


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